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We are a banking correspondent who strictly follows Resolution 3,954 / 11 of the Central Bank of Brazil. All information requested is encrypted and stored in a 100% secure environment and will only be used to help you find the best credit conditions for your profile.

Use of this site is subject to the rules set forth in the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Questions and contacts: answer @ Tom Ripley .

A little of our history

A little of our history

We are taking the credit to you with much convenience! And best of all, we provide a 100% free service, agile and secure, to all people who are looking for credit solutions.

A register, more than 20 financial institutions

A register, more than 20 financial institutions

Here, you fill out a single registration, in a simple way and leave the rest with us …

We will guide you on what are the best credit products for your profile. We look for the best offers available in the market with our partners, we show your offers so that you can choose the best option and contract 100% online, having your credit deposited in your account without leaving home (depending on the credit analysis of the chosen institutions ). All you need is a computer or cell phone and the internet!

Personal Loan: Complete Guide

Financial institution, therefore it does not carry out any kind of loan or financing directly to clients.

Good lender is an independent and exempt company that mediates the sale of the financial products of the financial institutions with which we have partnership helping all our clients to find the best credit solutions within the profile of each one.



NEVER , under any circumstances, we charge fees we ask for any down payment to have your credit reviewed or approved! This practice is illegal and therefore is fraudulent. If someone contacts you requesting this practice and “claiming to be Good Credit”. DISCONTINUE AND DO NOT FOLLOW, DO NOT MAKE ANY DEPOSIT!

All our emails leave with the extension

Are you in doubt?

Reliable and fast, convenient and free!

Products we offer:

  • Personal Loan with Check;
  • Personal Loan with Guarantee (Refinancing of Vehicle or Property);
  • Consigned Personal Loan (Public Employee or Retiree and Pensioner of INSS);
  • Credit card;
  • Debt Negotiation (Refinancing or Discharge).

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