How To Cancel A Credit Card With Debt


Has that situation of uncontrolled spending, unemployment, cut in the budget or dissatisfaction with the fees charged by the credit card administration? Know that it is possible to request cancellation even if there are open pitches.

At first you can find some bureaucracy to do the cancellation, because the administrators do not have the habit of releasing the cancellation if the card has pending. But it is possible.

Credit institution of the card by means of self-service

Credit institution of the card by means of self-service

According to the Proteste association, in this case, the administrators suspend the use of the card until the installments are removed. If the consumer chooses to cancel the plastic, the pending installments can be collected only once.

How to cancel a debit card?

You can:

  • Block the use of the card temporarily and remove the pending installments from month to month;
  • Permanently cancel the card and remove the pending installments at one time;

In case of dissatisfaction with the fees charged, the ideal is to inform and try to negotiate with the administrator. In many cases, cancellation is not necessary.

To cancel your credit card with debts you must contact the bank or credit institution of the card by means of self-service, telephone, in person or an AR letter (with receipt protocol).

We recommend that you request a proof of your cancellation request and keep it for eventual proof of request.

What is the advantage of canceling a debit card?

What is the advantage of canceling a debit card?

When you pay only the minimum value of the invoice or another amount other than the total of it occurs an accrual of interest on interest, which makes your debt a difficult snowball to control. You can better understand your credit bill here.

When canceling the credit card, the debt has to grow as interest on the revolving credit ceases to be charged and only interest on arrears of 1% per month is charged.

Requesting a Personal Loan

Requesting a Personal Loan

If you can not pay the full amount of the debt, you can negotiate with the lender a portion option that fits in your pocket monthly.

You can also think about requesting a Personal Loan, which has lower interest than credit card or overdraft, to pay off the debt from the card, and pay it with installments that really fit in your pocket, definitely organizing your financial life.



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