Personal Payday Loan with “dirty” name possible?

Do you have the name “dirty”? Are you wrapped up in debt? Sad? I bet you’ve come up with the idea of ​​getting a loan.

This attitude, if analyzed carefully, can take your financial situation from the red and help clear your name. See how:

What is Personal Payday loan?

What is Personal Payday loan?

It is a type of credit granted to public servants, retirees and pensioners of the INSS. The beneficiary is entitled to up to nine lines of credit , provided that the sum of the installments does not exceed 30% of the salary or benefit. In addition, installments are deducted directly from the payroll , and there is no need to pay bills or collect charges.

In this way, you do not run the risk of delaying payments, staying calm in relation to interest rate and late fees.

Is it worth making a loan with the dirty name?

Is it worth making a loan with the dirty name?

If you have a restricted name, you should receive multiple charges from different creditors. That takes the peace out of anyone, do you agree? With paycheck credit, you take out your debts and get rid of the charges . In this way, you only have the commitment to the bank, since the consignment is made in payroll.

Moreover, with the negative name, payroll is the best option, since, besides not consulting the SPC / Serasa, offers very low interest rates, since it is regulated by the government. Other forms of credit that release loans to those with a restricted CPF usually charge much higher fees!

Advantages of Personal Payday Loan

Advantages of Personal Payday Loan

One of the great advantages of payroll loans is that retirees and pensioners can apply for the loan even with a negative name . This helps a lot when it comes to hiring, because it reduces the bureaucracy of the credit analysis and the SPC / Serasa is not consulted.

The only assessment made is by the INSS, since the sum of the amount of the installments can not exceed 30% of the salary or benefit. This 30% is what we call the assignable margin.

In an increasingly technological world, we always seek to optimize our time, whether with transportation, queues or bureaucracy. Nowadays, it is very common to make banking transactions online, such as transfers, payments or checking an extract. The loan can also be made 100% online, this all without having to leave the house and go to your bank branch, to do a simple procedure that would last for hours.

With the dirty name, it does not pay to make loans with such high interest rates that will make you even more indebted. Payroll deductible credit is excellent for this, as it has a maximum interest rate of 2.12% per month. In addition, you can be unconcerned, since the installments will be discounted, from the first to the last, in the same value as in the contract.

So for people who want to apply for a dirty name loan, payroll is a great opportunity! With it, in addition to paying your debts and clearing your name, it is possible to organize and not make your financial situation complicated again.

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