States and Regions That Require Roofers To Be On High Alert

In recent years weather patterns have become less predictable, increasing the rates of severe weather across the country. This of course has been beneficial for those that specialize in repairing home damage that is caused by such events. However, changes of that nature can not be counted on to supply a steady stream of business. There are states, though, that are well known for having a high occurrence of weather incidents that lead to needing more attention and repair to the roofs of homes and businesses.

Florida is one of the hardest hit states when it comes to severe weather. In addition to hurricanes that affect the whole state a number of times each year, they also experience some of the most intense thunderstorms in the country. Coastlines are usually hit the hardest, but even the interior suffers from the heavy winds that can easily rip shingles off a roof. If you are looking for an area to begin a roofing business that more often than not has weather likened to paradise then Florida is the place for you.

The entire eastern coastline also experiences this weather in varying degrees. Georgia, Alabama, North and South Carolina and the North East all face severe weather from the hurricane season. Typically it is not as extreme as the initial impact felt in Florida, but there is certainly the opportunity there to grow a strong business. Additionally, they experience ice storms in the winter season that degrades the roofs of homes and businesses.

When it comes to the western side of the country the best states to start a roofing business are in Washington and Oregon. Due to their weather patterns of rain year round there is a great need for quality roofers. Not only do the roofs deal with a lot of damage from debris blown around in storms, but the constant barrage of rain brings other troubles.

One of these problems includes the growth of moss on roofs. The moss has the ability to get under shingles and pull loose, allowing water to seep inside and cause further damage to the home. Roofs in this region need regular treatments to remove this moss and apply chemicals to inhibit further growth. The high amount of rainfall can also create the perfect environment for mold growth, so it is advised for roofs be treated to prevent that as well.

Unlike other areas that are prone to seasonal weather conditions that can lead to roof damage, the Northwest faces negative conditions year round. This creates the perfect environment for roofers to have a strong business even in the most rural of areas. The key is to educate homeowners of the necessity to have regular maintenance done.

Different parts of the country have different roofing needs. Depending on the type of business you wish to have and the weather conditions that you would like to live in yourself, there is an opportunity to build a strong roofing company in many different regions of the country. Visit to find qualified roof repair companies near you.